When you want to install an app on your iPhone or iPad, the description usually says your iOS version should not be obsolete beyond a certain version. But what if the app itself is too obsolete for your device? Apple seemingly decided to give these apps a hard time, effectively decimating the App Store’s app-ulation.

At least, so it follows from a letter that Protopop Games, an independent developer, received on April 23. According to this letter, a game named Motivoto was about to be removed because it hadn’t been updated for two years. The company gave the developer 30 days to update the game and submit the update for reviewing. Otherwise, it would just be deleted from sales.

Hardly is it a single case, rather an example of a purposeful policy by Apple that requires all the developers to keep their apps and games compatible with the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. This is confirmed by other developers that have also received similar letters and also publicly responded, like Emilia Lazer-Walker and others.

As the developer states, this policy looks unfair next to that of console manufacturers which keep even games of 2000s available for older devices even if they haven’t been updated. Formally, Apple warned developers about it no later than in 2016, but until this time, there have been no or too few reports like this. Though Apple did not respond directly to any request, it can be assumed that the process is ongoing, and apps are reviewed gradually.

Old apps and games may be still of value for those using older iPhones and iPads that don’t support newer OS versions. By removing apps that are only meant for obsolete devices, Apple may care about security and potential bugs. It can also be interpreted as a push for the users to buy newer devices, though the fact that their owner can still download compatible versions of apps with some workarounds.

What do you think about it? Are there any apps that didn’t get updates in the latest two years, but you still use them? Have you had an experience of installing older apps to an old device? Share your opinion in the comments!