Who’s the most popular playable character in Apex Legends? The answer changes with time, and now, in December 2021, it’s Wraith again. The warrior queen reclaimed her throne after the latest update, leaving the rivals behind as she hits the #1 line in the rating.

It should not surprise you to see Wraith (a.k.a. Renee Blasey) on top. She has been there from the beginning, being among the eight original characters of Apex Legends when it started. The question is rather why she fell from the throne. And the answer is quite simple: Octane. He was also introduced in Season 1, but as the game got tweaked, Octane became more and more attractive for players as they figured out how to use his extraordinary speed and combine it with other heroes’ abilities.

Now, after everyone seems to have had enough of Octane, the status quo is restored. In December, Wraith had an impressive 11.7% pick rate, which makes her the legend of choice for most players. Though some consider the newcomer named Ash (from the original Titanfall universe) to render Wraith useless, now Ash is only the last in the Top 5. Not bad, though, for a character who was only introduced on November 2.

Wraith, though, remains unshaken by this upstart heroine. Her balance of abilities and powers makes her the perfect option for solo mode, not so dependent on teammates’ abilities and reactions. This may tell more about how players prefer to play Apex Legends.

The most popular pick is Wraith and Octane following, the rest of the Top 5 are Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and (as you already know) Ash. This Top 5 seems rather stable, though Ash still has the potential to rise, many players have not tried her yet.

And who is your character of choice in Apex Legends? Do you stick to just one or two, or are you always ready to try a new legend? Let’s drop some names in the comments!