Season 11 of Apex Legends is in full swing, but users are already waiting for some new products from the developers and therefore rejoice at any information. The latest leak concerns Heirlooms. Such items are so rare and desirable that this sneak peek really deserves your attention.

The popular streamer Thordan Smash shared a short video showing the new jikdo from the Heirloom set. It is a retractable knife with a long, thin blade and a massive, futuristic handle. Although this clip is not of the best quality, it shows that the new weapon will likely belong to Crypto. The design and color are fully consistent with this character, specializing in hacking, espionage, and secrets. As with many other leaks, it is unclear when this knife will appear in the game. The streamer assumes that it will not take place until Season 12.

All Heirlooms are extremely rare items. You can get them during Collection Events by collecting all the necessary items. After this event, they are moved to the store, where they become available for purchase only for Shards. You can get the required amount of Shards only by opening packs, in which they can be with an extremely low probability of 1 in 500. That is why players strive to get Heirlooms during Events.

The last such in-game activity was the Raiders Collection event, during which Wattson received a unique Energy Reader. Since the appearance of the 12th Heirloom took place quite recently, at the beginning of December, it is still quite a long time to wait for the next one to appear. Besides, you should not forget that all such leaks may turn out to be untrue or change dramatically by the time they are released. So while it's nice to get news about your favorite game, don't expect too much of a new rare weapon.

Tell us, do you like Crypto? And would you like him to get his own Heirloom? Which character do you want to get an upgrade next?