Lucky you got a new Android phone as a gift for Christmas or St. Valentine’s. Or just buy it for yourself, that is, for the closest person in your life. Similarly, your phone is the closest device in your life, at least, for the nearest years. If you love it and love yourself, it’s logical to make the experience with it the best you can afford.

What’s the power of today’s smartphone? They have about the same size, almost equal set of features, and while performance and screen quality differ, they all do their work well. What really makes your smartphone yours is the apps you install. And if you want to unleash the power of your Android phone, here is the set of apps you’ll benefit from.

And if you think about Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, or other official client apps for popular services, you won’t find them there. We assume you have already installed them, or at least you know how to. The apps we select are not that obvious a choice, but your life quality (and not only digital) will indeed benefit from them.

Files by Google

One of the greatest advantages of Android is its open file system, which means you can do a lot, but you need to operate with your files. This file manager by Google lets you access, copy or move, delete, or share your files. You need to be aware of what you do to avoid deleting important files.

Your Phone Companion

If you use a Windows PC along with your Android phone, this utility by Microsoft helps to connect the two. So you can answer your texts or calls on your computer, see the phone screen there, exchange files, enjoy the shared clipboard, and so on. Tastes better with Microsoft Edge for Android (which is otherwise just a regular browser).


It’s the easiest app for learning languages, listening to speech, checking your pronunciation, as well as learning words, and constructing phrases. The learning process is well gamified, which makes studying more fun than in other similar apps.

Tor Browser

And this browser deserves a separate place here. Based on Onion distributed access, it provides you with the best anonymity level available now. Hide your location, your system data, and your search history. Otherwise, it’s a good functional browser that won’t require any sacrifices in the name of privacy.


It’s one of the best running apps around, building your routes, letting you plan your runs, track your progress, and count calories. And, in addition, this app is social, which motivates you to keep in shape and to compete with other users around.


One of the best nutrition managers around has an enormous food database. When you eat something, just enter its name or scan a barcode to know its nutritional value, as well as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. So you can control your daily intake. The app syncs with the Health hub, as well as Strava, so your daily balance is tracked in real-time.


Though this photo editor by Google doesn’t have “Google” in its name, it’s still a powerful addition to Photos and other social services. With it, you can adjust your photo quality, add texts or speech bubbles, create collages, and make your photos greater.


This video editor by TikTok is a great tool for other social media as well. Optimized for creating vertical videos, it has lots of transitions, filters, subtitle options, and looks good even on smaller phone screens.


The power of Android is in automating processes. Tasker may take more of your time than you expect in the beginning, but then, as you set it up, it automatizes your actions as you enter some location, makes a certain call, or start a certain routine. Especially great if you are a smart home enthusiast.


This game-streaming service by Google is the greatest option if you want to enjoy AAA games on your Android device. Compatible with gamepads, it delivers the real console feel for a reasonable price. It requires a good Internet connection, though, so make sure you’re wide online.

The Bottom Line of the Top List

These apps are partly exclusive for Android, and some of them are great on iPhone as well. If you know any other nontrivial apps that would fit on this list, you can drop some names in the comments. Welcome!