One of the most iconic games of the lockdown era, PSA: Among Us, is available for free for a limited time. Epic Games Store, famous for its traditional giveaways, makes the game free until June 3. If you grab it before the date, you can keep it as long as you want and play it with your friends (who can also make use of the sudden giveaway). More than that: other players can join the game from consoles or mobile devices!
This online game is a detective brainstorming game set in space. Among the crew of the spaceship, there is at least one impostor who tries to take over the ship. As the impostor tries to kill all the crew members, they try to detect the alien in the human skin. The gameplay is greatly suited by old-school visuals that become popular again. Its psychological and detective aspects made it one of the biggest hits of 2020. It’s not too late to jump in, as the servers are still constantly crowded.
Normally the game costs about $5. Not as much as AAA titles by major publishers that Epic sometimes offers for free as well. But this is such an iconic title that it makes no sense to argue if it’s indie or mainstream. It’s just a game you can play with your friends or complete strangers and have fun while making your brain work.