What’s the most appealing about farming simulators is the way you decorate your world. But it requires resources, and the process of obtaining them is called grinding – just like in the dullest of RPG. Have you ever wanted to get this process automated? If so, there is finally a solution. The Farmtronics mod will free you from this dullest part.

The new mod adds your farm a home computer that controls the farmtronics – robots that take care of your farm while you are away (and even when the game is off). Fully complying with the 1980s’ style of the game, the computer is available as a TV channel on your TV. With a set of demos, it assigns you some tasks that you have to complete to obtain Farmtronics. These animatronic helpers can do almost anything you can do: plant seeds, water your crops, harvest them when ripe, and so on. They look retrofuturistic, fitting the game style perfectly.

Programming these bots is quite easy as soon as you get them: the examples are already on your computer, and the language used is very simple. Just what you need in a game designed for relaxation. When programmed, farmtronics take all the grinding parts onto their mechanical shoulders, leaving you free for more creative tasks. The computer can also be used for getting stats of your farm, as it tracks everything happening there.

The mod is developed by Joe Strout, and it requires nothing but the vanilla version of Stardew Valley. It can be installed with the mod manager or manually. The instructions are included. So far, the mod is only functional with the PC version, though many fans would like to see it work on Android. Some users report bugs, but it’s obviously not a massive problem.

Do you like playing Stardew Valley? Do you prefer the basic version, or do you install mods to try them? Have you tried this mod, and did you like it? Share what you think of it in the comments!