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Our website contains all the official resources necessary to download The Matrix Awakens for PlayStation. Here’s how to navigate the interface to get the launcher.
Guide on Installing The Matrix Awakens for PlayStation

  • Find the Get button on the The Matrix Awakens page.
  • Left-click it to get to the official launcher source.

if multiple options are available, choose the one that’s appropriate for PlayStation and follow the download instructions. It’s important that you make sure your device and operating system both meet the official requirements and have enough storage space to safely install The Matrix Awakens.
If the criteria are met, proceed according to the instructions.

By following the brief guide above, you will quickly and effortlessly get The Matrix Awakens on your device.


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Can I download the Matrix Awakens Windows version?

There is no Windows version of the game. You can’t also download it on your mobile platforms. However, the game is available on Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Do you offer the Matrix Awakens download option here?

No, we don’t offer any games here for free or for money. This portal was created for information and honest reviews. We gather the best games we can recommend and provide you with details you may need while playing them. We also gather the links on official stores where you can download the game. The link is hidden behind the “How to Get App” pink button.

What do I need to start the Matrix Awakens PS download?

To download the game on your console, you need to have it. The game runs well with PS5. It also needs vibration on the joystick. If you want to download it on Xbox, you need to have Xbox Series X/S.

Is Matrix Awakens free to play?

Yes, Matrix Awakens is free of charge. You still need to have compatible consoles to play it. Apart from that, you have to be registered at the Microsoft Store or PlayStation store, depending on the platform you use.

When will the Windows version of Matrix Awakens be released?

There is no official date of release yet. Game developers Epic Games released Matrix Awakens for Xbox and PS5 on June 12, 2021. We still hope that they are working on the Windows version of the game. For now, we suggest you keep up with the latest news from the company either there or on their social networks.

Are there alternatives to Matrix Awakens full game?

If you want to play similar games to Matrix Awakens, you can find multiple options. For example, Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are available on PS, Xbox, and Windows. You may like Xonotic graphics, and it is made for Windows and Linux. There is an Apex Legends game you may have heard about.

How hard is it to play Matrix Awakens?

This game requires your total attention. While anyone can learn how to play, you have to make sure you can react quickly to anything that happens to you. Since it is a shooter, you need to always watch your back.

Is Matrix Awakens unblocked for everyone?

The game has a mild level of violence. Yet it’s still violent, it is blocked for children on Xbox and PlayStation. You can download the game only if you are 14 and up.

Is Matrix Awakens a part of the Matrix series?

Yes, the script to the game is based on the concept of Matrix movies directed by Lana Wachowski and James McTeigue. The game takes place in the Matrix world where you will meet your favorite characters.

Can I download the Matrix Awakens torrent somewhere?

We strongly recommend you not to download the game from any suspicious portals, including torrents. You can easily play the game downloaded from official and trustable sources. You will find links here.