Niantic's hit mobile game Pokémon Go is continuing to expand its list of creatures available to capture, giving players a chance to become real-life Pokémon trainers. As part of Season 10, players saw the debut of Regidrago, another legendary Pokémon from the Legendary Titans – a group created by Regigigas, also known as Regis. Now, Niantic has announced that Electric-type Pokémon Regieleki will be available in Elite Raids on April 9th at 11 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM local time, but one detail about its arrival hasn't gone down well with fans. 

The announcement of Regieleki coming to Pokemon GO was made during the Pokemon Day 2023 celebration, and it instantly stirred excitement among players. But when they heard that it would be making its debut in raids scheduled for Easter Sunday – April 9th – some weren't so thrilled about it. For many fans, this timing doesn't seem ideal because not all are able to take advantage due to their religious beliefs or family commitments on a day like Easter Sunday. 

This criticism towards Niantic is understandable since most events are usually scheduled around holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, which don’t have any religious implications, unlike Easter Sunday. It was an odd decision from developers especially considering how much attention they've paid lately towards creating more diverse content and experiences for their worldwide audience – something that obviously didn't apply here with this particular event scheduling choice. 

However, those who do decide to participate in the raid will also receive exclusive timed research upon completing it along with items such as ‘Regirock Candy’, ‘Regice Candy', and 'Registeel Candy' as rewards, so there still may be plenty of incentive for people looking forward to catching this elusive creature even if they can’t make it then other times throughout the day where raids will also be hosted. 


 Overall though, this isn't a great look for Niantic, who have really been pushing hard lately towards creating more inclusive experiences within their games. Still, hopefully, going forward, they'll pay closer attention when picking dates for future events so something similar won't happen again anytime soon!