Microsoft has added another feature to its popular SwiftKey keyboard app on Android devices, introducing the Bing chatbot. The integration into the beta version of the app lets users quickly and easily search the web while they type in any application that uses the SwiftKey keyboard. This new feature is sure to provide added convenience and ease of use for millions of users around the world.

The integration will allow users to rewrite text right within their keyboards, as well as search directly from it. This is a huge benefit since it saves time spent jumping between apps and typing out long sentences or phrases all over again. Additionally, with just one tap on a suggested result in Bing’s search results page, you can copy-paste it anywhere you like.

The update is available exclusively on Android devices through Microsoft’s SwiftKey beta app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Since this update was released just recently, there might be some bugs associated with it. However, these should be ironed out eventually by Microsoft as more people start using it and reporting issues associated with its usage.

Overall, Microsoft's new addition of a chatbot powered by AI technology is an exciting development that should make life simpler for many users who rely heavily on their smartphone's day-to-day activities, such as searching online resources or rewriting texts quickly without having to jump between different applications frequently while doing so. With time this technology should evolve further and offer even more features such as automatically suggesting relevant websites based on what has been typed in already or providing relevant information about topics being discussed without having to manually search for them elsewhere firstly, making using mobile devices easier than ever before possible!